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Scotty's Potty's

Scotty’s Potty’s Portable Toilet Systems

At Scotty’s Potty’s we strive to provide you with the best services.

It is our guarantee to service you in a professional and friendly manner that suits your needs.
Our goal at Scotty’s Potty’s is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer.

Easy Maintenance

The smooth interior and exterior walls make for easy cleaning of dirt and grime. Unique, vandal-proof, heavy duty springs are recessed in the top and bottom of door to give it extra wind resistance and assure a smooth, tight fit.

Contemporary Styling

An eye-catching exterior and roomy interior. Exclusive blow molding technology produces smooth walls inside and out. Cross ribbing between panels provides unbeatable strength and stability.

Cost Effective

Easily replaceable parts and reduced wind resistance means cost reductions in maintenance, transportation and service.

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